Earning money has never been easier!


Imagine that there is an online system where you can earn money by

selling top quality natural products, without actually having to sell them!


 And that those same products make people healthier, stronger and more beautiful.



Interesting? Then please read this amazing story.


My name is Jeffrey Leichel and I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years now in various sectors. Before that period I have worked in various executive and management positions at international companies in Europe.


Because of my work I had to travel regurlarly and visited Thailand several times too.


A few years ago I was on a business trip to Thailand where I met a truly amazing entrepreneur. 


Her name is Natkanda Chotpitithanapat and she is a well known and successful entrepreneur in Thailand. Her company produces exclusive health products based on 100% natural ingredients.


Not just ordinary products focused on one ingredient. Her company is well known because of groundbreaking products they invent, based on ancient Asian medical knowledge and Ayurvedic insights of medicinal plants and herbs.


All ingredients her company use have been recognized in Asia for thousands of years as highly healing and protective for your body and mind.


In February 2020 I was in Thailand again for business and during a dinner at Natkanda's home with a number of business associates she introduced us her latest product JIVAKA.


During the dinner Natkanda told us her amazing story of how she and her team of lab experts came across a remarkable medicinal ancient herbal formula.


It all started during a deep meditation by an authentic "Buddha master" who is close to Natkanda. During that session he revealed crucial information that sent Natkanda on a journey which resulted in the finding of this unique formula.


After finding the formula she and her team worked for a year on perfecting the 100% herbal mix, using the latest laboratory techniques and expert analysis. Resulting in a herbal supplement with unprecedented health benefits and amazing healing powers.


Jivaka, also the name of the personal physician of Buddha, is a registered composition of five unique herbs that undergo a unique final treatment that is kept secret from the competition. The formula of herbs and treatments have resulted in this magical product.


After the secret final treatment the end product is sent to a certified laboratory. Here all health and safety checks are done, after which the end product is carefully shipped to the factory to be processed into capsules.


To guarantee a 100% organic and vegan product the capsules used for this new and groundbreaking health supplement are also 100% organic.

Jivaka was first introduced in Thailand and with incredible results. People in Thailand who used Jivaka noticed huge improvements in many ways. Faster wound healing, better sleep, better memory, strong decrease in joint problems, trouble-free bowel movements, decrease in respiratory problems, more energy, better digestion, improved muscle function.


The list was endless. I actually couldn't believe it, but because of her respectable reputation I was extremely interested.

During the dinner Natkanda also indicated that she wanted to distribute the product internationally. It was an opportunity I couldn't leave on the table. After a few meetings I managed to obtain a European distribution license and started setting up a new company named Orgacorp.


My team created a website focused on the EU-market, in full comply with EU-guidelines for herbal supplements, currently available in 10 EU-languages and offering sales and distribution from one box of Jivaka throughout the entire EU and UK. 


A few months later all official affairs were settled and the website went live. Together with a team of people in various countries we sold the first hundreds of boxes. An exciting time, because we didn't know whether European users would show the same results.



We had already heard from African importers that people in their countries also experienced incredible improvement in their health after regular intake of Jivaka.

Our African partners also told us that the immune system greatly improved with Jivaka. Several users in Africa even claim that it protects them from Covid and people who have Covid and start with Jivaka heal much faster.

That is of course a very big statement and we underscore that there is no scientific proof their statements are valid, but it is common knowledge that the healing power of plants and herbs can be extremely strong and effective.


Especially in Asia and Africa this awareness is much stronger than in Europe and America, which are completely dominated by the large pharmaceutical companies.


Pharma giants focus purely on chemical solutions that can be patented. Something that would be impossible to do for plants or herbs. Nevertheless it is also well known that many, many medicines are based on those exact same plants and herbs. 


Thanks to Jivaka I slept through the night.



After the first sales in Europe via Orgacorp, amazing stories came pouring in too.

People who at first could hardly walk up the stairs and after two weeks Jivaka were able to. Chronic skin complaints of users improved greatly.


Users who loved the product for having normal bowel movements again after years of discomfort and pain. Others saw their skin condition improve significantly.


People who could sleep through the night again after years of broken nights and others who were much less tired after a short night of sleep.

We were blown away by the results. The experiences in Europe were similar to those in Africa, Asia and now also in Canada and Australia.

I was so impressed by the results that I recently decided to sell one of my more time consuming companies to primarily focus on Orgacorp and Jivaka.


Because of my experiences as an entrepreneur I knew immediately that I had to set up a resale structure that would be just as amazing as Jivaka itself.


Free and available for everyone


I didn't want to depend on wholesalers and retailers. They take to much margin and expect mega investments from the supplier in advertising and marketing.

I also didn't want a system where you, as a promotor, have to hold stock yourself in order to participate in the system with all the financial risks that come with that.


Above all, I wanted to create a system that would make it super easy for Ambassadors, as I call them, to promote this wonderful product and make money from it.


And I wanted a system that would be completely free to join, without any obligation! It had to be the easiest system for you to earn money with and at the same time make people healthier, stronger and more beautiful.


We have created a system where you only have to do ONE THING. Share your discount code with everyone you know and repeat that as often as you see fit.


Of course we will support you with appealing marketing materials to make your messages interesting and more attractive.


During the development of this concept I also decided to add another unique feature. Every customer who orders with your code receives an exclusive and guaranteed 15% discount on all purchases through our company!


All they have to do for that is enter your personal discount code with every order.


Another great feature is that you don't even have to live in the EU to join our system. If you have family and/or friends living in the EU/UK, simply send them your personal discount code and the link to our website. That's all.


We'll take care of the rest and you'll get your reward on every sale (and future sales!), paid in whatever fiat currency you want!


So why am I offering all these free benefits and discounts? Well, I am so impressed with this product that I want to accomplish something truly amazing together with you.


The mission is to make at least 1 million people in Europe

healthier, stronger and more beautiful with Jivaka 


Our system is so powerful that we will be adding more 100% organic products soon. Under the same conditions and of the same quality. Including the guaranteed 15% discount for customers who use your discount code and a fixed reward for you on every product sold.


During my last visit to Thailand I discovered two new products that have enormous potential too!

I can't say too much about them yet, but one is known in Thailand as the natural Viagra and is also the perfect supplement for top athletes and executives of companies who constantly have to deliver top performances.


The other product is a 100% natural cosmetic product (also from Thailand), which is used by a respected Thai doctor for specific skin problems and is very suitable for a number of special use cases you will absolutely love!


Extra sales opportunities, also completely free

We have also bought the publication rights for a number of E-Books, all aimed at Health & Beauty. Some of them are already available on our website. Of course again with the same 15% discount for your customers and a fixed commission per sold E-Book for you.


Because our Health & Beauty products are always 100% natural there is no danger of side effects in combination with other products or medicines. All products are 100% organic and in most cases vegan too.


Excited already? Then it's important to understand our distribution policy.

In order to serve the ambassadors in the best way possible we will have a maximum of ambassadors per country. This is also necesarry to keep the system attractive for ambassadors. We don't want everyone in your street to offer the same unique products.


Each month we'll analyse whether there are enough ambassadors for a particular country or region. As soon as we have reached that point, you'll be added to a waiting list and have to wait until a new position comes free.

In addition, we also need a group of active ambassadors to reach our goal of supporting one million Europeans. If your network doesn't result in a minimum of 9 boxes of Jivaka soled during six months periods, we will give you two choices.


1. We remove your discount code and we end the partnership with a huge thank you for your efforts.

2. You keep your rights and discount code but pay a fixed fee of € 60 a year to secure your Ambassador license.


Ready to make money super easy AND 

make people healthier, stronger and more beautiful?


As an Orgacorp Ambassador you'll enjoy the next benefits.

  1. Free registration and free participation.
  2. No obligations, you only need to share the website and your discount code with as many people as possible.
  3. Step out whenever you want, at no cost.
  4. Make name as an exclusive promoter of highly unique Health & Beauty products.
  5. Receive a commission on every sale via Orgacorp with your discount code. For Jivaka the commission is € 3,50 per box sold and paid for. 

    Example: By simply sharing your discount code you manage to build a client base of only 100 customers that buy two boxes of Jivaka every month.

    Without any extra efforts from your side, you'll receive a monthly reward of € 700,00! And this is without all the commissions you'll automatically receive on other products Orgacorp sells to your customers!

  6. We take care of purchasing, financing, marketing, distribution, stock management, customer service, compliance with legislation and everything else that needs to be done to give your customers a great and safe experience.
  7. Unlimited commission on every new sale and all re-orders.
  8. When the network and sales grow, we'll be able to cut on operational costs. When that happens, you have our guarantee that this efficiency effect will be translated in a higher commission per sold box. We expect a commission of € 4,25 per box of Jivaka is achievable. 
  9. An exclusive 15% discount on all products on our website for all customers you bring in.
  10. You'll receive a free introduction set from us when you register, explaining everything you need to know about Jivaka.
  11. Because more and more products will be added to our website, your commissions will almost automatically increase! The only thing you need to do is share your discount code and our website address with as many people as possible.

And we've got more for you.



Sign up now as an Orgacorp Ambassador and you can select two of our E-Books. For free

We will send them to you after you have realized your first sale!



This is truly unique!


The first 500 applicants will receive an Orgacorp Profit Certificate. With this certificate you participate in our Ambassador Profit Pool.


Of all sales realized by Orgacorp, 5% of the net profit is added to this profit pool and distributed evenly once a year among the active participants with a profit certificate.


Ready to become an Orgacorp Ambassador?


Register now to secure your discount code, your Ambasador Profit Certificate and your two free E-Books.


Start earning extra money super easy and help everyone you know to become healthier, stronger and more beautiful with our unique and groundbreaking products.


Join for free, there are no obligations and you'll earn fixed commissions on every product sold with your unique discount code. Commissions as long as you are active as an Ambassador. No earning limits!


Yes, sign me up as an Orgacorp Ambassador. Send me my unique discount code as soon as possible. The only thing I have to do is share my discount code and the Orgacorp website address with everyone in my network.

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For Professionals!

Are you interested in selling Jivaka via your own company, including import and warehousing? Or are you interested in setting up a marketing network for Jivaka sales? Our Thailand supplier has developed an extremely interesting program for this called the Jivaka Synergy Program. If you want to learn more about this program, please check this page.