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Discover the secret of ancient rediscovered recipes from the time of Buddha. Partly translated from Sanskrit and brought together with the help of Ayurvedic insights and modern technology into an unparalleled supplement.


The Miracle Supplement

JIVAKA supports the following functions: the immune system, cell protection, stomach function, need for more energy, muscle functions, normal blood sugar levels, healthy airways, heart and blood vessels, digestion, sexual health, alertness and better concentration *. This completely unique supplement supports even more important functions in your body. Find out more about the wonderful story behind JIVAKA here, which also explains how to use our health claims.


* These health claims apply to Ginseng and Ginger, please also see the disclaimer in the product photos. For further health claims, please refer to our brochure.


View all photos for information on ingredients and comments for this product! This product is 100% organic and 100% vegan.


Ancient Traditions

Also amazing about JIVAKA is that all ingredients are first consecrated according to ancient Thai and Buddhist traditions before they are processed in the final product. Watch Buddha Master Chen inaugurate a new supply of ingredients for JIVAKA here.


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