The most attractive income in the world

Your health is the most important thing to you. Now imagine that you can also improve the health of the people around you and automatically receive a reward for this. Does that sound attractive?


We are excited to offer you this unique opportunity to start your international online business.


You'll become an online Reseller for DXN from Malaysia, the world's largest producer of the most powerful mushroom extracts and supplier of a 100% natural and exclusive cosmetics line.

Basic explanation of the DXN Network Marketing system (2min.)

Wherever you live in the world, you can register with us as a Reseller.

Do what you love


As an online DXN Reseller you have the following options.

  • Individual Partner
    You want to buy products for yourself at a discount and occasionally for others too.
  • Sales Partner
    You want to offer the products to other people and make money with it.
  • Network Partner
    You want to build a network to earn money together as a team. You'll also generate life long passive income. Our 5x5 principle is an essential model in this partnership.

You can also combine the models, that's your free choice. We believe its important that you do what you are good at and feel happy with.


As a Reseller you are workplace independent and you manage your own time. Check our brochure here for additional information.


You can register directly at the bottom of this page. 

5x no that will make you say yes

Crown Ambassador is the highest rank you can achieve in the passive income program.

Check here for all features

of the 'miracle mushrooms'

Find a list of studies on medicinal powers of mushrooms here.

Check out the DXN best
sellers here and here.

You can register directly at the bottom of this page. 

In this company documentary (58 min.) you will learn everything about DXN, the CEO and the people involved in this remarkable company.

The Coffee Approach

A great way to kickstart your online business (3min.4sec.).

Unique extra bonus


ORGACORP does not only sell DXN products. ORGACORP is active as a network marketer, as an affiliate and as an online retail company.


You can refer your customers to the ORGACORP website. When customers purchase DXN products, they are directed to this page. There they select your DXN buying page for purchases.


On all other products on this website, 35% of the profit is divided among the Resellers who use our website!


This unique extra bonus is available free of charge to the first 130 Resellers who join our DXN network.

Business in a Box


As an online entrepreneur we take good care of you. After registration you will get access to our Business in a Box.


In it you will find:

  • The Business Blueprint. An e-book written especially for you, which explains you step-by-step how to successfully set up your DXN online business.
  • Muliple video presentations that teach you everything about DXN, the products and the revenue model.
  • Marketing materials, the DXN Marketing plan and much more.

Why network marketing?


In an interview with CEO Dr. Lim he managed to explain it very eloquently. He said, "NWM and MLM are tools, like many tools. It's what you do with it that determines the outcome. Take a big sharp kitchen knife. In the hands of a chef it leads to the most fantastic dishes. But in the hands of a criminal it becomes a murder weapon"


The DXN system already exists 30 years and has brought financial ease to many participants. DXN is registered as a global top 25 network company for the last ten years!.

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Were you referred to this website by a DXN Reseller? You can contact him/her directly to register, or click on the 'my sponsor referred me' link below.


100% natural

100% biological

200% YOU